About Box Inc


Box Inc is a marketplace, helping companies source the perfect boxes for every need. With Box Inc, companies can create a request for quotation for their packaging in just minutes. Box Inc manages all steps from quote request to supplier selection, order and payments through an easy and secure process.

How it works

Box Inc let’s you make a request for quotation for your new packaging projects. Our simple process guides you from the very first steps of deciding which box you need to configuring the design that makes it fit your brand. Box Inc’s network of partner suppliers work on your request while you mind your own business. After selecting your preferred offer you can proceed to check out and simply wait for your first delivery.

Sustainable materials

At Box Inc we are convinced that companies want to make sustainable choices and we want to help them do that. Corrugated board is the primary packaging material available via Box Inc. It is a sustainable packaging material that is not only recyclable – it’s also renewable. Read more about the benefits of renewable materials here.

The team

Box Inc’s team has substantial experience from the packaging industry both from buyer and supplier sides. The team’s experience in technology, design and service design makes a powerful combination to deliver a great user experience.