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Who are the suppliers?

All suppliers on the Box Inc marketplace are German based, established, and experienced. With a history of helping businesses just like yours source the boxes they need.

There’s over 25 German suppliers on Box Inc:

What can the suppliers offer?

Made to measure boxes

Printed boxes

Economical boxes in standard dimensions

Orders from 10s of units to 1 000 000 and beyond

Single or recurring orders

Sustainably produced boxes

How can the suppliers help me?


Let suppliers show you the best boxes for your needs


Have a question? Ask your quoting suppliers via instant chat


Try before you buy and request samples of your boxes from any supplier

How can I choose the right supplier for me?


Submit your request for quotation and suppliers will send you their quotes


View supplier profiles and chat to your suppliers via instant message


Compare their quotes, prices, and more at a glance

How does Box Inc vet suppliers?

Human and labor rights

From material procurement to logistics, and the supplier factories themselves.

Environmental protection and sustainability

Every supplier adheres to German and EU environmental protection regulations, and we regularly review their latest environmental safety measures.


We test the production and box quality of every supplier, so they match the quality your business deserves.

Supplier variety

We guarantee a wide range of box suppliers on our marketplace. So, you receive multiple supplier offers for any box request.