Circular packaging

by Mikael Fristedt Westre
Dec 16, 2019

Circular packaging

While it may seem like just a buzz word, circular economy is all about using natural resources with care, recycling, and avoiding waste and fossil carbon emissions – for the best of the environment and the economy.

Ever thought that by ordering online, receiving a corrugated box at home and later by recycling it, you are contributing to a circular economy? Unlike many competing materials, fibre-based materials such as corrugated board, carton board or paper bags are both renewable and recyclable, contributing to a circular economy.

Because they are both renewable and recyclable, fibre-based packaging contributes to a circular economy – an economy that moves away from the traditional "take-make-dispose" model and instead focuses on using natural resources as efficiently as possible. Using renewable raw materials is an essential aspect of a well-functioning circular economy.

Renewable, recyclable and low carbon

While oceans are widely being polluted with plastic waste and demand on the world's limited natural resources is growing, consumers are becoming more conscious about the environmental benefits that renewable, fibre-based packaging materials can offer.

Choosing say a food or beverage carton that is produced out of renewable raw materials instead of plastics, glass, or cans is a conscious choice for the climate. Independent lifecycle assessments conducted by the Institute for Energy and Environmental Research (IFEU) show that the carbon footprint of a plastic PET bottle is substantially bigger than that of a fibre-based carton.

When the carton is recycled, the benefits for society are multiplied: recycled cartons or corrugated board boxes can be used in the production of board, copy paper, and tissue paper. The fibres can be recycled up to seven times or even more and finally recovered as renewable energy at the end of life.

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