What’s new - November

New innovations and updates to help you buy boxes easier than ever

by Vasek Frolik
Product Owner
Nov 20, 2020

New app updates, box customisation features and quote improvements are here! Take advantage of smart notifications, multiple volume quotes, improved UI, and supplier recommendations, all designed to help you buy the right boxes for your growth with even greater ease.

A friendlier dashboard

Compare quotes based on price and delivery times at a glance, and see the status of each box request, quote or order from a single view.


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Smart notifications

It’s now quicker to get orientated with new quotes, quote updates, and messages. Receive notifications for these important actions so that your focus stays on finding the best deal. You’ll continue to receive email notifications as normal.


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Supplier profiles

Get to know the suppliers who send you quotes. Each supplier profile provides you with easy to digest info on their business, specialities, expertise and more.

Supplier profile

Quotes for multiple quantities

It’s now easier to find the best cost per unit. Add multiple quantities to your request when customising a box and receive supplier quotes for each quantity.

Box Inc RFQ wizard

Receive quotes

Supplier defined box quality and printing methods

Get the right boxes without the need for expertise. Receive suggestions from suppliers on the best box quality and printing methods when they send you their quotes.

Box Inc screenshot

Supplier recommended box styles and dimensions

Receive recommendations from the experts for different box styles or dimensions that may be better suited to your needs. These optional recommendations may result in better prices, lead times, or a more tailored box.

Box Inc screenshot

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