Trust, safety, and security is our top priority

We’ve fully vetted every supplier so you don’t have to

We want to help you spend more time caring for your business and less time worrying about your carton supplier. Which is why we personally meet, vet and verify every single supplier in the Box Inc marketplace.

What do we mean by a “vetted supplier”?

All suppliers follow our strict Supplier Code of Conduct - matching the values of your business

Human rights and workers rights compliance

We ensure that every supplier fully complies with all human and workers rights laws. Not only in their factories, but across every stage of material sourcing production, and logistics.

Health and safety

We check that all suppliers adhere to health and safety requirements and train their staff accordingly.

Environmental protection and sustainability

We confirm all suppliers adhere to environmental protection requirements and provide Box Inc with their most up-to-date environmental safety data.

Production quality

We verify that all suppliers produce boxes to a quality that matches our high expectations, and the expectations of your business.

Production capacities

We ensure our marketplace is full of many suppliers with a wide range of production capacities for any request.