How Box Inc works - A smarter way to buy packaging

Box Inc is an online tool that takes the time and effort out of your business’ corrugated packaging procurement. Giving you more time to invest elsewhere.

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Interested to see how Box Inc can simplify your company's packaging procurement first hand? The interactive demo shows how to define new requests for quotes, compare offers and place an order. The demo contains clickable items so you can control exactly the timing and when to show the next step in the flow.

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Step 1. Make your packaging request

The easiest way to configure corrugated packaging

Box Inc’s digital wizard lets you specify packaging requests from start to finish in minutes. Without the need for expertise, designers, or design software.

Get complete control over the look and function of your corrugated packaging.

Choose from a library of industry standard carton styles

Easily adjust dimensions, weight to hold, stacking and strength requirements

Select the colour of your carton and add brand elements or logos for printing

Adjust required quantities and add an unlimited number of styles per request

No expertise required

Your request is submitted to our marketplace of independent suppliers without any more work. Get ready to receive your offers

Select and customise a wide range of carton styles tailored to specific industries and uses

Folding box (FEFCO 201)

Universally usable folding box with adjoining flaps (standard box). Pre-glued seam.

Folding box (FEFCO 204)

Universally usable folding box with abutting flaps at the top and bottom. Pre-glued seam.

Mailer box (FEFCO 427)

Mailer box with self locking flaps.

Step 2. Receive and compare offers from suppliers

The smartest way to find the right deal

Receive offers from many suppliers without any more work, and easily make informed offer comparisons to find the deals that fit your business goals.

Keep track of all your offers via an intuitive online dashboard on any device

Side by side offer and supplier comparisons

Easily make data driven and informed decisions

Instantly chat with any quoting supplier

Request samples from any supplier

Receive notifications so you never miss an action

All offers are 100% non-binding

Reach a wide range of suppliers from a single request

Reach more 

Reach more suppliers

Receive suitable offers from a large selection of manufacturers, suppliers and processors.

Vetted and established suppliers

Vetted and established suppliers

Only established suppliers who comply with our code of conduct can join Box Inc.

Help directly from 
the supplier

Help directly from the supplier

Suppliers are happy to recommend the right packaging strength and qualities you need.

Request samples before you buy

Do you have multiple offers that you want to compare further? Or do you simply want to take a closer look at your potential packaging? Request and receive samples of your order from any quoting supplier.

Step 3. Make safe and secure orders

The fastest way to order from suppliers

Found the perfect deal? Make simple, protected, online orders at a click of a button, and only pay for the packaging you buy.

Accept the offer best suited towards your needs via a quick and familiar payment process

30 day payment 
terms for all

30 day payment terms for all

Choose from 
pre or post pay

Choose from pre or post pay


Invoice payments

Safe and secure 

Safe and secure payments

100% free
100% non-binding

Yes, you read it right. Box Inc is completely free for you. Only pay for the packaging you buy with no hidden fees, commissions or other charges.

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