Box Inc is powered by Stora Enso

The renewable materials company

How Stora Enso is driving Box Inc forward

Box Inc is operated as an independent legal entity (Box INC AB) which is wholly owned by Stora Enso. Powered by Stora Enso means in practice that Box Inc benefits from the structural capital, international network and access to funds that the global parent company can provide.

About Stora Enso

The renewable materials company, Stora Enso, develops and produces solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide, leading in the bio economy and supporting our customers in meeting demand for renewable eco-friendly products.

Building on our heritage and know-how in forestry and trees, Stora Enso is committed to the development of products and technologies based on renewable materials. Our products, in many cases, provide a low-carbon alternative to many products made from fossil-based or other non-renewable materials.

Today our solutions are found in such segments as building, retail, food and beverages, manufacturing, publishing, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, confectionary, hygiene and textiles. Tomorrow, we believe there is the potential to produce anything that’s made with fossil-based materials from a tree.

What does this mean for Box Inc’s customers?

Stora Enso really understands the packaging industry. And so too does Box Inc. This means that together we’re able to create an convenient marketplace for boxes that understands the needs of your business.