Renewable materials

We believe in renewable materials!

Population growth, rising incomes and changing lifestyles increase consumption and stretch our planet’s resources. An economy based on fossil fuels and other non-renewable materials is not viable as a long-term option. Corrugated board which is the primary packaging material available via Box Inc is a sustainable packaging material that is not only recyclable – it’s also renewable.

What is a renewable material?

A renewable material is a material made of natural resources that can be replenished, generation after generation, in a sustainable way. Wood, board, paper and pulp are renewable materials, as long as the forests or plantations are managed sustainably, and more trees are grown than harvested.

What does it mean for you?

Our choices as consumers and businesses have an impact on the environment. Box Inc helps companies source corrugated packaging which is a low-carbon fibre-based material. The fibres are either fresh or recycled depending on the type of packaging. In all cases the source of material is wood.

Not only is wood a renewable material, it also absorbes carbon dioxide (CO2) as the tree grows. The carbon dioxide stays in the wood fibres when they are turned into materials such as corrugated board. When the board is recycled the carbon dioxide still remains within the fibres. Corrugated board can be recycled between five to seven times. At the end of life it can be used to generate renewable energy. The cycle repeats as new trees grow and absorbe carbon dioxide.

Renewable materials such as corrugated packaging is a natural part of the circular economy. By selecting corrugated board as your chosen packaging material you are making a sustainable choice.