Everything you need to know about Box Inc

May 4, 2020
by Mikael Fristedt Westre
Head of Box Inc

Box Inc is based on a simple idea. We want to make it easy for companies to source their corrugated packaging online. We know by experience that the process of finding the right packaging, design, quality and offer from a reliable supplier can be a tedious process.

Box Inc is there for you all the way. We help you to create a request for quotation, receive and compare quotes, select your preferred supplier, order, pay and eventually re-order. The process is simple and intuitive. Our customer service is available to guide you or answer any questions that come up.   

Sustainability and ethics

Box Inc stands for sustainable and ethical business practices. We help you to find qualified suppliers that live up to our code of conduct. We set the same high standards as our owner, Stora Enso, the renewable materials company.

Local partner suppliers

Box Inc works with local partner suppliers and manufacturers in Germany. Our experience is that the best service and offers are provided by suppliers within 150 to 200 road kilometers from the buyer. As a general rule the price of corrugated packaging increases with the transport distance.

As a user of Box Inc, you get quotes for your corrugated packaging from manufacturers that supply in your area. Our suppliers have a range of different production possibilities to serve most needs for corrugated packaging. 

Impartial partner suppliers

All suppliers and manufacturers are impartial and independent from Box Inc. Common to all suppliers is that they live up to the terms set up by Box Inc ensuring fair and ethical business practices.

How it works

Request a quote

It all starts with a request for quotation. Our simple wizard guides you step by step through the process. We ask you to provide a minimum set of information about the product to be packed and the requirements on the packaging itself.

To be able to share your request with our partner suppliers we need your complete company shipping and billing details. This is essential to ensure you receive accurate and actionable offers.

Compare offers

After completing your registration, you can sit back and relax. Your packaging request will be verified and passed on to local suppliers. You will be notified as soon as you have a response from one of our suppliers.

Box Inc allows you to view, compare and engage with the suppliers who have quoted on your request. If needed you can even change the requested type of packaging, dimensions or quantity in dialogue with the supplier.

Confirm and pay

Once you have identified the best offer for your packaging needs you simply proceed to confirm and pay. The shipping and billing information provided at registration is used for all orders processed via Box Inc.

To ensure a safe and secure payment process Box Inc uses a third-party payment provider who manages all invoicing and payment collection. Based on a credit check you will be offered to pay via pre-paid or post-paid invoicing.

Who can use Box Inc

Box Inc helps companies across all industries solve their corrugated packaging needs. No matter if you are a small business with a single product or you have a range of different product series and SKUs that all need to be packed.

Box Inc suppliers have design and production capabilities to meet most corrugated packaging needs including standard unprinted FEFCOs, customized solutions of different material qualities, flexoprint and digital print. 

What it costs

Box Inc is free of charge. That’s right. No hidden costs.

Want to know more?

See our section for frequently asked questions.