We make your payments safe 

May 11, 2020
by Mikael Fristedt Westre
Head of Box Inc

Peace of mind

We at Box Inc want our customers to focus on what they do best. Attending to their business. Box Inc helps you simplify your corrugated packaging sourcing process, saving you time and allowing you to access the best offers based on your needs. That way you can use your energy on other important business priorities.

Speaking of business priorities. Your company’s cash flow is one of them. While many suppliers may change their payment terms in uncertain times you can feel safe that Box Inc offers the same terms for all customers. 30 days.

How it works

Box Inc offers you 30 days payment terms no matter which supplier you have selected for your order. That’s right. Thanks to our payment process we can offer all customers the same terms.

To ensure a safe and secure payment process Box Inc uses a third-party payment provider who manages all invoicing and payment collection. Based on a credit check you will be offered to pay via pre-paid or post-paid invoicing. An invoice will be issued with 30 days payment terms.

It all starts with your order confirmation

Once you have identified the best offer for your packaging needs you simply proceed to confirm and pay. You will be asked to confirm your payment via our third-party provider in a separate window. A credit check will be performed and based on the outcome you will be asked to pay for your order via invoice either in advance or at the point of shipment.

The shipping and billing information provided at registration is used for your future orders.

Pre-paid invoicing

You may be asked to pay for your order in advance of shipment based on the credit check. An initial invoice will be issued immediately for 70% of the order value. Once the invoice is paid the supplier will produce your order. A second invoice will be issued at the point of shipment for the remaining amount.

Please note that the second invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount produced. The maximum production variance is +/- 10% versus the ordered volume.

Post-paid invoicing

Your invoice will be issued at the point of shipment.

Please note that the invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual amount produced. The maximum production variance is +/- 10% versus the ordered volume. 

Safe payments

Account and data protection

Box Inc uses standard encryption tools for all internet traffic. We rely on Auth0, a third party provider, for state of the art user and password management so that our customers can feel safe about the integrity of their accounts.

Personal data protection

Box Inc is committed to protecting the personal data of our customers. To find out about our complete data policy view our privacy policy.

What it costs

Box Inc is free of charge. That’s right. No hidden costs.

Want to know more

See our section for frequently asked questions.

If you would like to get in touch with us please drop a mail to customerservice@boxinc.com